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Hamm’s Waterworks Tiny Cube rig

The Cube rig by Hamm’s Waterworks is part of the Tiny series.  The Tiny Cube features accents of the color Obsidian, percolates with an Exo-diffuser created by the artist, percolates the water giving you the best flavor and smooth hit. It has a fused joint that comes out the side at a 90 degree angle, sizing at 18mm male. Newly added bonus comes with 18mm female Insulated quartz thermal banger and matching bubble carb cap, as well as dome and nail. 


  • Obsidian accents
  • Exo diffuser perc
  • NEW Insulated Thermal quartz banger and bubble carb cap
  • Dome and nail included
  • Made in Oregon


  • Height: 3½ inches
  • Width: 2 inches
  • Joint Orientation: 90 degree
  • Joint Size: 18mm male


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