Esh Glass mini UV banger hanger #17

This sweet UV jammer is from local Florida artist Esh Glass made in Tallahassee, Florida features an array of brilliant colors including Colorado Sky bent neck and joint, Lemon drop, Haterade, Blue Dream, and UV reactive Lucy with an encased Grandpa Glass AAA opal on the back. Smoke diffusion is achieved using a 4-hole showerhead percolator that goes to a 90 degree 10mm female joint. The bottom of the banger hanger is ti signed, dated and numbered #17 by the artist.

Features :

  • UV reactive
  • Encased Grandpa Glass AAA opal
  • 4-hole showerhead perc
  • Ti signed, dated and numbered #17
  • Made in Tallahassee, FL

Specifications :

  • Height : 5 inches
  • Width : 4½ inches
  • Joint orientation : 90 degree
  • Joint size : 10mm female


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